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1337X - Magnet/Torrent links everywhere

Adds magnet and torrent links everywere, e.g. directly to the torrent search results

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Pubblicato: 03/08/2020

Hey bud this beauty works great, and I want to make it greater!! How to make 1337x magnet/torrent script compatible with YIFY!! I read you said that we may add trackers to the code, honestly I have 0 idea on Java. But, if u may add a small gif or a "How To" I will do my best to enrich this great script. Thanks in advanced @NotNeo

Pubblicato: 06/08/2020

I don't know what you mean by "we may add trackers to the code"...
I'm not really interested in making a version of this script for YIFY.

Anyone is free to copy and modify my code to make their own version for YIFY.
There is no simple few step process to make it work for YIFY, but essentially this script inserts magnet images on to the page and when the user hovers over a magnet image, the script uses AJAX to get the magnet link from the associated torrent page. Good luck to you or anyone who wants to make a YIFY version, but I wont.

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