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FAH Timeout Display (Chrome, Tampermonkey)

Display timeout and other WU related information

Kaden Baker
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Chrome, Tampermonkey, Folding@home
Folding@home Timeout Display
This simple and crude script display the starting and timeout time of a WU, along with the maximum number of minutes it may take.
(Note: timeout is when the result is discarded. You still get points, that is the other deadline

The display does NOT update automatically, unless a new WU is loaded!

It is of yet a very simple script, if you have time and inclination, feel free to improve it - first to mind would be a cross-check with the estimated time it takes, to see if it actually CAN complete.
Technical info
The script loads at startup replace the "console.log" method and insert a new block into the "panel" div to display the data.
Use at own risk. I intend no harm but accept no responsibility.
The source is open, so take a look if you're not sure if you trust me :-)