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Local YouTube Downloader

Download YouTube videos without external service.

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Local YouTube Downloader

The is a simple userscript allows you to get download YouTube videos without 3rd-party service.

You could take a look of the source code, everything is fetch from youtube directly.

Note: This script only Violentmonkey and Tampermonkey, so using Greasemonkey or Firemonkey is unsupported.

2022/11/09: Tampermonkey recently release a breaking change that breaks this script, which is fixed in Tampermonkey BETA right now. You should switch to Tampermonkey BETA or use Violentmonkey before the fix has been released in stable channel.




Why should I use this over youtube-dl?

If fact, youtube-dl is much more reliable than this script. If you are find with youtube-dl, just stick with it. But the point of this script is that you can easily download a YouTube video within a click, no need to open your terminal and enter youtube-dl command. But, you should use youtube-dl if you want to download more than 1080p or download a playlist.

Where's the downloaded file located?

The default browser download location.

Downloading long video usually fails, what should I do?

Use youtube-dl, since this script runs totally in a browser, it is heavily limited by it.

I want [something] feature to be added.

Use a tool that supports your need, youtube-dl should be able to meet most of your need.


This script based on maple3142/ytdl, which is my another project.

I just port some code to let it works in browser & add UI interface.

Help translating this script

English strings: local-youtube-dl.user.js

Translate it than create an issue here or a feedback here.


Released under MIT license.


If user violate YouTube's EULA, this script provide no legal responsibility.

Last Update: 2021/06/15