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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 25/02/2021
I keep getting "Error fetching resource" when I try to update this script in ViolentMonkey v2.12.8, for Firefox v86. I've tried reinstalling directly from github but I get the same error when I try updating. GreasyFork sees it as installed. Reinstallation is successful but it doesn't fix the problem.

Pubblicato: 01/03/2021

hi, gggirlgeek.
unfortunately, I am currently having a severe depressive episode. I struggle with it, with varying degrees of success. all my projects, published and under development, are now suspended.
if you find an error in the code and send a pull request or describe the necessary changes, I will try to find the strength to make these changes to the code and publish them.
otherwise, I will try to fix the errors as soon as I can, as I recover.

thank you for using my scripts. and for this report. it is very important for me and stimulates me to return to life.
living with a black dog

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