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Pubblicato: 26/06/2020
Modificato: 27/06/2020
Good idea!:
The add of the screenshot should be a basic function of the GresyFork site.

I have only some problem (after a quick test).

1 - Waterfox with Greasmonkey v3.17
The script hang the page with these errors:

2 - Firefox Quantum with Greasmonkey v.4:
- it seems not showing the screenshots
- I can't see the settings of your script

3- Firefox Quantum with Tampermonkey:
Work well:
screenshots and settings are here without problems.
Pubblicato: 27/06/2020

@decembre, thank you for your feedback and expressed opinion.
regarding the described problems:
0 - I write my scripts mostly for Tampermonkey on Chrome (due to this is the most common combination) and test they on Firefox sometimes.
1 - this is outdated version of Greasemonkey, and I recommend you update the extension. also I need to know which lines cause these errors. if you click on the error message you will get this line in the script (at least that's how it works in Chrome's devtools)
2 - this is also outdated version of Greasemonkey. and also I need to know lines, errors and other more specific data about this issue
3 - oh, I have wrote about this in the point 0

I will try to take the time to test these errors in near future but now I'm working on the other script and I will be busy for a while

Pubblicato: 29/06/2020
Modificato: 29/06/2020
Thanks for your reply!

I tested too on Chrome + TamperMonkey.
Strangely it don't work :
No screenshots and no settings...

Some updated notes:
1 - Waterfox + Greasmonkey v3.17 ( the Hanging Tandem...)
For Waterfox Classic v.56.3, the v3.17 of Greasemonkey is the most compatible version.
With Greasemonkey v.4.9 too many thing don't work.
Here some of errors i found in console.
Seems many problems with jquery-3.3.1:

▶ Don't know if they rely to your script:
TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.[En savoir plus]
SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
Promise rejection value is a non-unwrappable cross-compartment wrapper.

▶ Errors which seems to rely to your script:
router: search /fr/scripts Greasy_Fork_tweaks.user.js:736:13

jQuery.Deferred exception: can't access dead object style@file:///C:/Users/bruno/AppData/Roaming/Waterfox/Profiles/umzsn5sd.WATnew06-1582549627703/gm_scripts/Greasy_Fork_tweaks/jquery-3.3.1.js:6498:6
resolve/ user-script:almaceleste/Greasy Fork tweaks:30687

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