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Finds larger or original versions of images and videos for 7500+ websites, including a powerful media popup feature

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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

There is already a option in Close Behavior:
Clicking outside the popup closes [Yes] [No]
Closes the popup when the mouse clicks outside of it

It is very annoying to find and hit the tiny close button on ton of very large images >4000px.
Imagus does support closing popup by default when clicking inside the popup. Quick and fine without to use hotkey.
so, could you please add a option:

Clicking inside the popup closes [Yes] [No]
Closes the popup when the mouse clicks inside of it

Sorry for the late reply, for some reason Greasyfork doesn't notify me when there's new feedback...

Thanks for the idea, I'll try to implement it soon! Tracked here:
I see you have recently implemented the new option 3 hours ago on github. Thank you very much!
Btw, i am greatly impressed by your high energy and enthusiasm on coding.
Everyone can code, but only few can hack >7000 hardcoded websites: gorhill@uBlock and you.
I will nominate you for the Nobel Prize.

There is a ReferenceError on line 1785 due to missing quotes:

var browser_language = "en";
try {
browser_language = get_language().toLowerCase();
if (array_indexof(supported_languages, browser_language) < 0) {
browser_language = browser_language.replace(/-.*/, "");
if (array_indexof(supported_languages, browser_language) < 0)
browser_language = en; <========== Missing quotes here
} catch (e) {

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