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Panda Crazy Helper Emulation

Meant to be @included in other scripts to communicate with Panda Crazy.

Questo script non dovrebbe essere installato direttamente. È una libreria per altri script da includere con la chiave // @require

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Main Object



addJob ( gid : String, once : Boolean, metadata : Object )

Adds a new job to Panda Crazy (If that job already exists, it will be duplicated as a new job.)

gid: The GID / HIT Set ID of the HIT to add.

once: Whether to collect the HIT only once, or indefinitely.

metadata (optional): {

   hitTitle / title: The title of the HIT,
   requesterName : The name of the requester,
   requesterID / requesterId / rid: The ID of the requester,
   hitValue / pay: The amount the HIT pays in USD, as a number in 0.01 format,
   duration: The duration of the HIT in seconds,
   hitsAvailable: The number of HITs available


startJob ( gid : String )

Starts a job in Panda Crazy if it is already present but not running. NOTE: This behavior is not currently implemented in the current public release of Panda Crazy.

gid: The GID / HIT Set ID of the HIT to start.

ping ( )

Sends a ping message to Panda Crazy, which Panda Crazy will respond to with a pong message if it is running in the same browser and profile.

online( )

Pings for Panda Crazy and returns a promise that will either resolve or reject within a set timeout (currently 5 seconds) depending on whether Panda Crazy is detected as online within the same browser and profile or not.