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OpenSubtitles - direct download links

Converts the subtitles download links to direct ones, in order to avoid redirection to download pages that display ads.

queste sono le versioni di questo script in cui il codice è stato aggiornato Visualizza tutte le versioni.

  • v2017.11.6 25/06/2020 (all scripts) Added @supportURL pointing to the GitHub repo (thanks to Jason Barnabe for the suggestion)
  • v2017.11.6 20/05/2018 (All scripts) Rearranged the metadata block
  • v2017.11.6 12/11/2017 Added '@licence MIT' (required by OUJS, in order to allow import and autoupdate of scripts from GitHub)
  • v2017.11.6 11/11/2017 (OpenSubtitles - direct download links) description
  • v2017.11.6 06/11/2017 whitespace, (OpenSubtitles - direct download links)) combined the two click listeners
  • v2017.11.6 05/11/2017 (OpenSubtitles - direct download links) removed unnecesairy @require for jQuery, the script may use the page's jQuery version
  • v1 05/11/2017 Imported from URL