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KAT [] - Default values for Uploads

Lets you set up defaults in the upload section of KAT (custom default description for every category)

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This script lets you set up defaults in the upload section of KAT (

You can set custom default descriptions for as many categories as you want.
What this means is that you can have nice, easy to fill templates for each of your categories.
When you change the category your description will automatically change to the right template for that category.

You can save defaults for all the inputs in the upload form.
On top of category specific descriptions, you can also save category independent descriptions that you can later use from a dropdown.
Similarly, you can save IMDB codes under custom names so you can later choose them from a dropdown.

Using this script requires you to go and edit your own default values in to the script.
Editing the script no longer required. Everything can be done from the pages.

If you need help or have any sort of feedback or ideas, PM me(NotNeo) on 1337x, KAT or WWT

Updated for new upload pages. Everything can be done from the pages now. No need to edit the script to change values anymore.

Small styling updates. Made it so on category change when it doesn't have it's own description, the global default will be used.

-Added option to save custom descriptions independent of categories.
-Added option to set custom page width (default 75%).
-Added option to set the description box height (default 13 rows).

-Added options to save: Trailer, Language, Format, Resolution and Codec.
-Added option to save imdb codes under custom names in a dropdown, just like custom descriptions.

Tested on Waterfox(64-bit Firefox)