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Userscript+ : Show Site All UserJS

Show current site all UserJS,The easier way to install UserJs for Tampermonkey.

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Show current site all UserJS,The easier way to install UserJs for Tampermonkey.

Userscript + is a Tampermonkey user script, the role is when you browse the web, from the bottom right corner automatically for you to recommend the current page Tampermonkey script, and can install a designated script.

Many times, we do not know whether some sites have users to provide the script to optimize the page, but Userscript+ will be able to help you automatically find the applicable UserJS, and by default, according to the score from high to low order recommended to you, bring you a new Tampermonkey use experience!

Userscript+ GitHub:

Userscript+ Chrome extension


  • Automatically appear in the lower right corner, recommend scripts for you, and will automatically disappear after 10 seconds
  • Filter the top 50 script with the highest score
  • The script list supports custom sorting
  • Supports one-click installation script
  • Support for viewing script details
  • Support access to the script home page and author home page
  • Click the close button, the current site this session all the pages will no longer appear prompt box
  • A prompt box is displayed only when found available script for the current site
  • i18n international multilingual support.(Locale contributions are welcomed!)
  • Vue + iView UI design smooth and beautiful

Whitelist and blacklist

Edit script => Settings tab => Includes/Excludes

In the Tampermonkey to enter the script editing interface, selectSettingtab, this tab below theIncludes/Excludesoption, set the white list and blacklist here, see Figure:


Known bug

  1. In some sites below the plug-in interface icon is not displayed,Such as:Github

    Reason:This is because the security policy of these sites to prevent the plug-in icon font file loading, resulting in the icon does not display properly.


If you are willing to contribute code to this project, please follow the standard specification.