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YouTube Remaining Time

Show the remaining time of a YouTube video inside the player.

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Pubblicato: 06/09/2020
Modificato: 06/09/2020


I have noticed the following issue/conflict when using the script (with Tampermonkey/Violentmonkley in Chrome)
together with the SponsorBlock for YouTube - Skip Sponsorships extension:
the remaining time is displayed twice:

Could it be possible to change it so that it displays the remaining time only once when using it combined with the above extension?

Thank you

P.S. Thanks a lot for your super useful script, must have!

Pubblicato: 08/10/2020
Modificato: 08/10/2020

To clarify, the remaining time is displayed twice only if you have login to YouTube (=to your Google account).

Pubblicato: 08/10/2020

Correction: the remaining time is displayed twice in all cases, having login or not.

Pubblicato: 03/10/2021

I've blocked the copy using ublock origin but I will probably forget about this filter when it causes issues later because it affects nth of type, so it's likely to cause problems when I configure youtube later I think, but it's better than nothing. I hope this is fixed.

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