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It's Not Important

At least part of the world will became a bit less important now.

queste sono le versioni di questo script in cui il codice è stato aggiornato Visualizza tutte le versioni.

  • v1.5 07/08/2016 Web of Trust overlay compatibility fix
  • v1.4 17/04/2016 Encountered situation when DOMContentLoaded didn't worked. Also fixed a bug with wrong call for a unimportanter function.
  • v1.3 24/03/2016 Fixed self-initiated infinite loop in some rare cases and added extra checks to get out of "unimportanter" function faster when it won't do anything anyway.
  • v1.2 08/03/2016
  • v1.2 15/02/2016 Combined two observers. Not sure if better or worse.
  • v1.1 15/02/2016 I don't like the idea, but it looks like I have to monitor all the newly added blocks since they may have a style attribute attached to them right from the start.
  • v1.0 15/02/2016 There could be spaces after the ! character.
  • v0.9 18/01/2016 I haven't figured out myself how to set MutationObserver to look for all style changes and haven't found anything good on the Internet. Thanks to the Infocatcher for pointing this out. ☉⏝⚆
  • v0.8 18/01/2016 A bit of a cleanup here and on a previous change.
  • v0.7 18/01/2016
  • v0.6 18/01/2016 Added aggressive check for post-load changes in style attributes of the existing elements.
  • v0.5 11/01/2016 Removed support for 'visibility' property since 'display:none!important' should be enough to completely hide something
  • v0.4 11/01/2016 Support for visibility parameter
  • v0.3 07/01/2016 Support for margins and paddings
  • v0.2 09/12/2015 Should be less intrusive now and leave display:none in place. Usually it have enough priority this way to overlap normal styles.
  • v0.1 09/12/2015