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Markdown toolbar for

Creates a Markdown toolbar whenever you make/edit text posts or comments in

queste sono le versioni di questo script in cui il codice è stato aggiornato Visualizza tutte le versioni.

  • v1.4.1 06/01/2022 Update Markdown_toolbar_for_redditcom.user.js
  • v1.4 06/01/2022 Update Markdown_toolbar_for_redditcom.user.js Closes #45
  • v1.3 25/06/2020 (all scripts) Added @supportURL pointing to the GitHub repo (thanks to Jason Barnabe for the suggestion)
  • v1.3 20/05/2018 (All scripts) Rearranged the metadata block
  • v1.3 12/11/2017 Added '@licence MIT' (required by OUJS, in order to allow import and autoupdate of scripts from GitHub)
  • v1.3 17/09/2016 Synced from GitHub - Converted all scripts encoding from UTF-8 back to UTF-8 BOM (i.e. with the same encoding that Greasemonkey installs them in)
  • v1.3 19/08/2016 Synced from GitHub - Fixed whitespace
  • v1.3 13/08/2016 Imported from URL
  • v1.3 12/08/2016 Imported from URL
  • v1.3 07/11/2015 Fixed the line break not working
  • v1.2 15/10/2015
  • v1.2t 15/10/2015 Removed the 'Image' button (because it doesn't work in reddit)
  • v1.1 07/09/2015
  • v1.1 04/09/2015
  • v1.1 31/08/2015 Removed the 'Underline' button (because it doesn't work in reddit) and fixed the' Strikethrough' button (2x tilde instead of <s></s>)
  • v1 24/08/2015