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Instagram - visible images counter

Shows in instagram profile pages how many images out of total (as a number and as a percentage) are currently visible, as you scroll down the page.

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Pubblicato: 06/04/2021

There seems to be a conflict with and this script. When your script is enabled, Media Helper does NOT show up when clicking on pictures in profiles, when I disable your script it shows up again

Pubblicato: 06/04/2021
Modificato: 06/04/2021

I confirm the extension stops working, but only in one case: when you click a thumb and the image opens in the same page/as popup (but it still works if you open it in new tab, or in timeline).
Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about this:
the script works the way it is in order to support Instagram's single-page application workflow (history API).

I suggest using this great userscript instead,

PS. Even if I can't help you with this, I'd prefer if you had posted this in the GitHub repo. Don't post more questions/issues here in the future.

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