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CH CrowdSource-OneSpace WorkStation Antifavorites

Add indicators next to the task types you don't like, the opposite of the built-in 'Favorites' stars. Also standardizes the format of half-cent tasks' listings.

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OneSpace (fka CrowdSource WorkStation) is the private work platform for former MTurk requester CrowdSource (left in July 2015 because of the big fee increase). The WorkStation interface has a built-in 'Favorites' feature, where you can put gold stars next to the task types you prefer, to have them remembered for future reference. I wanted the opposite option too, to help remember which task types I don't like, so I made an 'Antifavorites' userscript based on my CH Block Using HIT Scraper's Blocklist MTurk userscript. Instead of hiding the tasks entirely, it puts a unicode frowny-face character ☹ next to them in the CS WS 'Find Work' list.


You can 'antifave' by exact task titles, with a single ^ character in between each title. If you want an easier way to copy the linked text of the titles for pasting into the manual editor, I suggest using a browser extension/add-on such as: for Firefox, Easy Copy (site) (I use this one), CoLT (site), or Copy Link Text; or for Chrome, Template (site) or Copy Link Text.

When you use the antifaves editor to add or remove task titles in your list and click the Save button, it will immediately re-process the currently-displayed tasks in that tab, adding or removing the frowns based on your changes.

It's a good idea to save a copy of your antifaves list in a textfile periodically (just open the antifaves editor and copy & paste into Notepad or similar), in case you accidentally (or intentionally) clear the part of your browser data that includes this LocalStorage. One of several ways this can happen is by clearing all cookies (you may be able to avoid that happening by excluding and/or limiting the timeframe of what's being cleared). Also note that your scripts can't access this data when you're in an incognito/private browsing window.

And as a little 'extra', this userscript also standardizes the format of half-cent tasks' listings. Some CS WS tasks pay in amounts ending in half-cents, which are displayed in the 'Find Work' list like "1.5¢/task". This changes their reward format to read like "$0.015/task", so they are easier to compare with the other non-half-cent tasks which are formatted like "$0.04/task".

Update: v1.1c, 2015-11-17: CrowdSource rebranded themselves as OneSpace today; updated to address the domain change and a formatting difference. Note that LocalStorage data is domain-specific (data saved for a userscript running on can't be accessed by a userscript running on, so hopefully you saved a backup of your list in a textfile before the changeover, so you can paste it into the editor on their new domain; if not, you'll just have to gradually re-add things as they come up again.

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