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GoogleMonkeyR (update by Roxz)

Google - Multiple columns of results, Remove "Sponsored Links", Number results, Auto-load more results, Remove web search dialogues, Open external links in a new tab, self updating and all configurable from a simple user dialogue.

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The update makes it accessible for more countries and this version is the one that does not have problems with the video section deforming all the results.

This script was originally made by mungushume back in the page but it has been modified many times to make it still usable and this script is very useful for me so I decided to upload this fixed version.


*-Show favicons and image previews of page results

*-Organize results in multiple columns of results
*-Remove "Sponsored Links" an other gimmicks
*-Number results
*-Auto-load more results
*-Remove web search dialogues
*-Open external links in a new tab
*-Disable google tracking (might be outdated)

Configure it by clicking on the google options gear

If you want the background to be transparent erase the hexadecimal code