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Can't update library script - Name already taken error

Pubblicato: 17/08/2019

Can't update library script - Name already taken error

I am getting this error: Name already taken

When I am updating an existing script with same name. Or is this a new policy to change the script's name for each new version?

Name of Script: Brazenvoid's Base Resource

User-Script block in new script:

// ==UserScript== // @name Brazenvoid's Base Resource // @namespace brazenvoid // @version 1.5.0 // @author brazenvoid // @license GPL-3.0-only // @description Base library for my scripts // @grant GM_addStyle // @run-at document-end // ==/UserScript==

Pubblicato: 18/08/2019
Modificato: 18/08/2019

Am renaming the script with every version update with the version string suffixed to the name. Sure makes the versioning system seem redundant.

Pubblicato: 30/08/2019

I tested it and didn't see any issue with libraries and names.

Note that when you post libraries, the UserScript meta block is not required. So maybe it's just getting confused by that.

Pubblicato: 27/10/2019
Modificato: 29/10/2019

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