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To be able to delete your own posts in Forum

Pubblicato: 24/08/2015
Modificato: 24/08/2015

To be able to delete your own posts in Forum

Some times in the Forum, in the 'Development' and 'Requests categories,
I have made posts that I later would like to delete.
(current example: 3 of my posts should be deleted).
That's because, the code I had posted in that first posts was totally wrong
and therefore there's no point one that wants to read the thread
to lose time by reading these initial attempts - only the latest post(s).

So, I'd like to ask to be able to delete my own posts in Forum,
and so that I don't have to bother the mods by flagging each post separately.

Pubblicato: 24/08/2015

Just leave them. The thread served it's purpose; it's not like people are going to be referencing your comments years from now.

Pubblicato: 21/10/2015

But sometime it should be good to have the choice to delete a post...
Let us make this choice, please.

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