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PrimeWire Movie Trailers and Reviews

#1 Most Useful Script for Primewire. Adds links to movie/TV show trailers and reviews from YouTube, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Also adds new bonus site features.

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04 April 2015
15 Desember 2016
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View Trailers and Reviews from PrimeWire
#1 Most Useful Script for Primewire

This script adds links on both movie/TV listings and individual show pages that look like this (also see thumbnails at bottom):
[ IMDB ] [ Youtube ] [ Rottentomatoes ]

Clicking on 'Youtube' will open a trailer for the movie/TV show, 'IMDB' or 'RottenTomatoes' opens the show's info page.
While results will open in a small window, you may otherwise open them in a new tab by middle-mouse clicking on the links or using
'right-click > Open in New Tab'.

Update 06/12/16 - Version 12 - fixed bonus features, now working

Bonus Features
Here are some benefits coming from the new hover menu that appears as a '+' at the upper-left over movie and TV thumbnail images. The 'Latest' link feature instantly finds and takes you to the latest episode of a TV series. This is especially useful for shows that have many seasons, no more tedious scrolling of long listings.

- quick link to add to your 'To Watch' queue*
- quick link to add to a user-generated 'Playlist'*
- quick link to add to 'Favorites'*
- quick link to add to 'Watched'*
- quick link that jumps straight to the latest 'Last Episode' of a TV series
- auto complete for searches

*require a primewire account (free)

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