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Bugmenot Button 2015

Adds menu button that opens the Bugmenot user/password page for the current site you are visiting.

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04 April 2015
18 Mei 2018
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Update 3.0
I decided to add the functionality of another script I wrote called 'Bugmenot Sort Accounts by Date' into this one.
This script will automatically sort Bugmenot page accounts by newest to oldest using TinySort.js
It also adds an extra time format, so now there are "human readable | timestamp" (example: 3 months ago | 2015-8-26)

While there used to be a number of BugMeNot tools, addons and bookmarklets on the web, after recently searching, I couldn't find any that still worked, which is why I wrote this script.

To use, when you are on a website and want to see if there are any BugMeNot accounts for it, you can go to the menu and press the 'Bugmenot Button'. This will open a small window, containing the usernames and passwords on the account page of the BugMeNot website, if it exists. From this popup you can copy/paste the user/pass to try if they work.

If you would like a bookmarklet version instead, to use on a per-site basis, use the following code:'''#content', 'bmpopup', 'width=500,height=400,menu=no');
If you use the bookmarklet, you may want to add this other script I wrote:
Bugmenot Sort Accounts by Date

Bugmenot Tip
(Bugmenot Sort Accounts by Date included by default now)
I've found the more recently an account has been created (you can see how long ago at the bottom of each name/password) the more likely it will work. Also, if you use BugMeNot a lot, take a moment and leave the appropriate 'Did this login work?' feedback on the site or add an account, it helps everyone.

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