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Google Search Extra Buttons

Add buttons (past 1/2/3 days, weeks, PDF search etc.) for Google search page

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18 Januari 2015
09 September 2022
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Google Search Extra Buttons

Add buttons of customized search to results page of Google and main page. (This page in Russian.) (Note: option of revert to old blue design of x-buttons was added to settings.)

(Fx, Chrome, Opera12+, Safari, MS Edge + Win10 + Tampermonkey, Vivaldi, KMeleon, Yandex, Brave)

NOTE 2022-08: 1) for working in Images tab in Chrome it need install extension whiсh disable CSP (Content Security Policy) else breaks by JS error. (It's not required for common search.)
NOTE: 2) G. Search in images restrict past intervals! Only day|week|month|year.
3) WxH (show sizes) function is removed, so button is changed to B/W.

  • Fx - script is installed by GreaseMonkey addon for userscripts (in older Firefox Scriptish addon may be used);
  • Chrome|new Opera(15+)|Vivaldi|Yandex browser - immediately (on the page chrome://extensions/ it placed as unpacked script in "developer mode"; directory sholuld be contain manifest.json or JSON code lower, rename script: "GoogleSearchExtra_Buttons.user.js" or similar if need; or by other methods - Tampermonkey);
  • Opera 12+ - save userscript in file placed in Opera directory... - start this script in 2022 without Tampermonkey which not works (there are instructions);
  • Safari - installed by Tampermonkey for Safari.
  • , MS Edge, KMeleon, Brave
  "content_scripts": [ {
    "exclude_matches": [  ],
    "include_globs": [
    "js": [ "Google_Search_Extra_Buttons.user.js" ],
    "matches": [ "http://*/*", "https://*/*" ],
    "run_at": "document_idle"
  } ],
  "converted_from_user_script": true,
  "description": "Add buttons (past 1/2/3 days, weeks, PDF search etc.) for Google search page",
  "name": "GoogleSearchExtraButtons",
  "version": "45.2022.8.23",
  "manifest_version": 2

Script adds 8 types of buttons that doubled links hidden in:

  • change interface language (en(default), fr, ru, de, es) by settings in navigator.language or in Settings area; small sticked appearance;
  • search in PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT and many another docs;
  • hide button File Types search in Settings
  • search in site (from list; if no list in settings (or commented), this button is not displayed);
  • hide second button ("site") if you clean sites list and change any another setting (formally for save)
  • write list of your favorite sites in code (example: ['','']);
  • search for 1,2..13 last days; (but for Images tab variants are restricted by day|week|month|year)
  • search for 1,2..10 last weeks;
  • search for 1,2..11 last months;
  • search for 1,2..10 last years;
  • search for 1,2..22 last hours;
  • save of each select in ext. localStorage;
  • select "en w/o hints" for no hints (interface language will be English);
  • save settings (language and sites list) in the external localStorage (because Google clean own storage);
  • keep type of current page ('tbm=' parameter) - news, pictures, video etc.

2022-08-22: Google Dark Theme support (in input field); 2018-12-11: White-Mint-Oval design (as default), blue old design as additional; 2018-12-05..11: start page with buttons is repaired; fix img search; hide buttons in shop|boks|finance; 2018-11-30..12-4: search by up to 30 filetypes; images search by types and Show Sizes checkbox; 2018-11-19..20: by changes of layout (classes and logic) of results page (TODO start page), external localStorage is placed to Google domain ( 2017-12-12: transitions in fading columns; some style modifications 2017-11-13: temporary save option "sort by date" for nexr search in the same page 2017-03-11: more contrast gray design of extra buttons 2017-02-04: fix white-on-white border of input field 2016-12-12: gray design of buttons on the pages with new desing of Google; setting of return to old buttons design. 2016-12-07: fixes for compatibility of new design of input fields; old format is supported also. 2016-01-17: fix autostart after select of site; switch of checkbox.

This script is based on BarsMonster article (ru) . Github: .