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Google Play Music Album Sorter

Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey UserScript for extending Google Play Music with album sorting functionality

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13 November 2014
03 Maret 2015
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Introducing: Google Play Music Album Sorter

A few days ago, to my excitement, #googleplaymusic came to #Croatia and I have been using it since. Overall, I'm very pleased with the service (both from content and presentation perspective) -- classic Google :)

But, after a while, one simple shortcoming started to bother me. (Yes, I'm easily bothered with shortcomings and simple bugs -- that's why I'm an Engineer, I guess :P)
That simple shortcoming is that the list/grid of artists albums is presented in "random", unsorted manner. What I found while using Play Music is that I need to put an effort to find an exact album I'm looking for between albums of selected artist and that it's hard to have an easy overview of the artists publishing career by looking at its albums list/grid.

Well, as I was using Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey browser extension some time ago (to enhance some web pages while I was actively playing Ingress), I immediately foresaw this as a solution and searched for an existing script to solve this s(h)ortcoming.

Unfortunately, none was to be found. But, as the working day was coming to an end, I set a little challenge for the afternoon at home -- write (for the first time) a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey UserScript to enhance the Play Music page :)

A few hours later, the (simple) result has been published on GitHub:

You can find necessary instructions on the page.

I hope you find it useful :)
Your feedback is appreciated!