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Base library usable any time.

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Mike Castle (Nexus)
12 Oktober 2023
14 Februari 2024

lib/base - A NexusHoratio library.

Pure JavaScript stuff. Nothing here should be WEB API aware, except Logger's use of console.

Exported properties (as of version 50)

  • version - Bumped per release.
  • NOT_FOUND - Constant (to make eslint's no-magic-numbers setting happy).
  • ONE_ITEM - Constant useful for testing length of an array.
  • ensure - Ensures appropriate versions of NexusHoratio libraries are loaded.
  • Dispatcher - Simple dispatcher (event bus).
  • MessageQueue - A simple message system that will queue messages to be delivered.
  • issues - NexusHoratio libraries and apps should log issues here.
  • DefaultMap - Subclass of Map similar to Python's defaultdict.
  • Logger - Fancy-ish log messages (likely over engineered).
  • uuId - Create a UUID-like string with a base.
  • safeId - Normalizes a string to be safe to use as an HTML element id.
  • strHash - Equivalent (for now) of Java's hashCode (do not store externally).
  • simpleParseWords - Separate a string of concatenated words along transitions.
  • Service - Base class for building services that can be turned on and off.

More details are in base.js as JSDoc.