Greasy Fork is available in English.

InstaKill Updated V4

InstaKill for! Press 'T' to instantly insta, adjust your speed, and explore more options in the menu!

Ini adalah versi dari skrip ini yang kodenya telah diperbarui. Tampilkan semua versi.

  • v4.1 09 September 2023
  • v4 09 September 2023

    Added f: Trap
    Added v: Spike
    Added Shift: Booster Hat
    Added g: Soldier Helmet
    Added j: Tank Gear
    Added u: Turret Gear
    Added r: Bull Helmet
    Added Bigger Anim Text
    Added AutoHeal (ON/OFF)
    Added More LookALike Legit insta
    Added Automatic Hat Buy and Equip
    Changed Speed Amount

    This script may have some bugs as I didn't spend much time on it, Sorry.

  • v0.1 30 Agustus 2023