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21 September 2020
26 September 2020
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This script does the following:

1) Allows you to export a csv file with your followed series. First you need to explore all of your followed series on, once you reach the last page after loading every page you'll have a list of all the series you follow on the site, including the state (reading, complete, dropped, etc). It also keeps track of the last chapter you read of each series, but that's only possible if you open the series page one by one or if it's on your default follows page already marked as read.

2) In case a duplicated chapter appears on your follows page it'll be marked with a blue eye instead of the default grey one to indicate that you most likely read that chapter already. And again, to keep track of the last chapter you've read it has to be saved either by detecting it on your follows page or on the respective series page. By default the last chapter read is 0, but if a new chapter is marked as read then that one will be the last recorded. In case a series has a gap between chapters (i.e. last chapter was the 10th and the next update it's the 25th) it'll show that chapters that fill the gap are chapters already read if the chapter that created the gap has been read before, and marking it as unread won't resolve the issue. Maybe later I'll fix that.

3) In case a series skips chapters (i.e. when a sniper group takes over), those chapters will be marked with a red eye instead of the default grey one.

4) There's 2 lists: whitelist and blacklist. There are series with multiple releases per chapter. MangaDex has the option to block groups but sometimes those groups are the only ones that release certain series you like but on other series their releases suck, so for those cases there's this option. Whitelist only shows you releases from one particular group for a series (if you want to only read releases from that particular group), while Blacklist blocks releases from one particular group for a series (if you don't that a certain group to be shown for that series but you don't mind seeing the rest of them). For it to work you have to uncomment the variables blacklist or whitelist and then put the values. The first one is the series id (the number that appears after "title" on the url) and the second one is the group id (the number that appears after "group" on the url). There are examples in the code.