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WME Send to Slack

Script to send unlock/closures/Validations requests to slack

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Current Version of the script

Check here :

What does this script do?

It sends requests to Lock, Downlock, Close, Open, and Validate segments directly from WME to a communication platform

At this moment, the requests can be sent to Slack, Discord, Telegram, and a GForm.

What's new ?

  • This script currently supports 20 countries and is continuously growing
  • This script now includes Restricted areas.
  • This script now supports States (USA added)
  • This script now supports Telegram (thanks to santyg2001)
  • Sending to a GForm helps promotion decisions at L1-L3 (thanks to BertZZZZ)


The script works best with browsers Brave, Chrome, Firefox (not with Internet explorer or Edge). I recommend Brave
Like most of the scripts used by Waze editors, it needs a script manager like Tampermonkey
Then, install the latest version

How to use

First, select the country, state, and channel in settings. You can find it on the tab with the colored wheel in the left menu. If you don't see the colored wheel, reload the page with WME open.
After selecting one or more segments, you'll see some extra icons:


The Validation link is on top of the left column just above the settings tab

Lock / Downlock

The Lock and Downlock links are below the locking option in the general menu

Close / Open

The Closure and Open links are on the Closure Tab. You need to enable the closure layer to view them

Restricted areas?

The restricted areas are now supported

About the script

If you want your country to be added to the script, fill out this Google Form

How to send bugs or features?

If you have a new feature request, check this page to see if it isn't already in the list
If your request isn't in the list or if it's a bug, you can submit it here

I accept donations ;-)

Donate Here
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Or for free by using Brave with rewards and automatic contribution activated


Join us on tunisiano's Discord
Or go to the Dev/beta Discord Server

New informations here :

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):





This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!