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Plain text youtube subscription list

Greatly compacts list view layout, hides thumbnails and noise. Only works in subscriptions -> list view!

Giacomo Ferrari
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Tired of the wasted space, sensory overload, and gratuitous clickbait on the youtube subscription list? This style works on the My Subscriptions list view (where you see videos from your subscribed channels) and greatly simplifies you can just read the titles and uploader name in glorious plain text form.

* Specifically for subscription list view
* Greatly compacts list layout - ~17 videos now fit on a 1080p screen vs four. Four!
* Hides video thumbnail - they're mostly noise.
* Hides uploader picture (text only name).
* Hides description - it's also usually noise.
* Hides view count - you're subscribed to the channel, is this really useful?
* Hides user verification checkmark - you're already subscribed; you know who this user is.
* All video titles made into lowercase - anti clickbait! Idea from