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Cook'd and Bomb'd Ignore Topics

Ignore topics and forums, and other topic list tweaks

Ini adalah semua versi dari skrip ini. Hanya tampilkan versi yang kodenya telah diubah.

  • v11 19 November 2021

    Fixed alternate striping of topics when ignored topics are hidden

  • v10 19 November 2021

    Changed the ignored topic colour to a neutral grey

  • v9 18 November 2021

    Restore the old colour for ignored topics now a light theme is back

  • v8 18 November 2021

    Restored "Make topic links go to the first unread post"

  • v7 18 November 2021

    Updated for new forum theme

  • v6 18 Mei 2021
  • v6 14 Mei 2021

    Added ignoring of entire forums in Recent Unread Topics, hiding topic page numbers in Recent Unread Topics and changing topic link titles to the first unread post, when available.

  • v5 29 Januari 2021 Switched to GM.registerMenuCommand, as Firefox 85 no longer supports adding items to the right-click context menu - Toggle Ignored Topic Display now appears in Greasemonkey's menu if you're using it
  • v4 22 Januari 2021 Add support for the Recent Unread Topics screen
  • v3 17 Desember 2020 Updated topic id RegExp to handle different href when logged in
  • v2 06 Juli 2020 Don't re-run if the processed page has been cached
  • v1 06 Juli 2020