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PimEyes Crack

Allows easier use of the FREE version of PimEyes

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25 Juni 2020
02 April 2021
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This "Crack" is simply a couple of css styles that improve your experience while using the face-recognition service

This css style un-blurs and un-fades the URLs, removes the "UNLOCK" button and removes the on-click event from URLs, so you can select them easier. This crack also removes the "buy premium" overlay from the images, so you can download them or reverse-image-search them with an addon like search-by-image(Chrome Version here).


Smash the "Install as User Style" button.

OR (if that fails)

  • Install the the Stylus Add-on (Chrome Version here)
  • Stylus -> "Manage" -> (on the left side) "Write New Style"
  • Delete all the text, and copy-Paste my code.
  • "Save"
  • Enjoy :)


This crack won't bypass the search-limit; You'll have to use a VPN/Proxy. Just make sure to clean all storage for that domain before doing that (Cookies, Site Preferences, Cache, Indexed DB, Local Storage, Service Workers, and Plugin Data); To facilitate this, I recommend the Cookie AutoDelete Add-on(Chrome Version here).

In recent updates, they made it so everything but the face is blurred. You'll have to crop the face, and reverse image search that and hope to get the original picture. This crack will still help you download that blurred image though.

The result URLs are obfuscated and cropped to 30 characters. Although this crack will un-blur, un-hide, and make these URLs selectable, we can't recover the original content of these URLs. It's up to you if you'll be able to get back the original URL by recognizing the domain/cdn format.


If you have an issue/request/question/etc feel free to write something on the feedback tab, or open an issue on the GitHub Repository