Greasy Fork is available in English.

movie/tv site direct link redirector/downloader


Ini adalah versi dari skrip ini yang kodenya telah diperbarui. Tampilkan semua versi.

  • v1.7 - disable hydrax update (though i dont think itll make a difference) bc new update
  • v1.6 - add new hydrax url
  • v1.5 - add www. prefix for a hydrax domain (todo: figure out hydrax websockets?????? wtf???)
  • v1.4 - fix stuff & make hydrax only actually try to run if its actually needed
  • v1.3 - yes
  • v1.2 - added movcloud/cloud9
  • v1.1 - fix hydrax redirect if not in an iframe by putting it in an iframe lol
  • v0.9 - FIXED HYDRAX :O!!
  • v0.8 - add direct vidcloud9/vidstreaming download support
  • v0.7 - update gdriveplayer sites
  • v0.6 - added/fixed gdriveplayer domains
  • v0.5 - added ability to download directly from hydrax
  • v0.4 - add vidcloud9 url
  • v0.3 - fixed more issues
  • v0.2 - fixed issue with domcontentloaded not firing & a few tweaks/bug fixes
  • v0.1