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9anime Bingewatcher+

Auto-fullscreen, skip intros, jump to next episode 9anime on Vidstream and MyCloud videos

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18 April 2020
26 Juli 2021
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Tested on Chrome & Tampermonkey, (Firefox / ViolentMonkey incompatible)
9anime BingeWatcher+
Automatically plays Vidstream and MyCloud videos in auto-fullscreen, skip opening titles hotkey (advance 90s forward), skip to next episode. - script also happens to be compatible with this free streaming movie/tv site cuz it uses Mycloud to host videos (I wrote a userscript for it - Movies7 / Flixtor Trailers)

07/25/21: Mp4upload partially works, 'V' skips 90 seconds intros, auto-fullscreens (will need to press 'esc' to close it)
05/28/21: added host
03/12/21: Vidstream and MyCloud servers appear to be available again, 9anime BingeWatcher+ working normal
9anime Bingewatcher+ (Yu Yu Hakusho Dub Mod) - a script mod I wrote specifically for watching the anime 'Yu Yu Hakusho' (turns it into one long movie)
03/10/21: regarding Vidstream and MyCloud servers being down, according to Reddit "So a datacenter in France recently burned down recently and a lot of servers went down due to that aswell so that may be why those aren't working." I will keep an eye on the situation and try to come up with an alternative temporary solution.
OVH data center burns down knocking major sites offline
11/24/20: v2.3 added hotkey 'N' - skip to next episode
11/5/20: v2.2 now works on MyCloud videos
11/5/20: Starting a major 2.0 revision, ongoing changes
Note: please enable the '☑ Auto Play + ☑ Auto Next' checkboxes at the bottom of the 9anime video player for best results, set video source to 'Vidstream' (default) or MyCloud

Re-starting this project after getting a new computer, I have got auto-fullscreen working and hotkey (either 'V' or 'numpad 0') to skip opening titles hotkey (advance 90s forward) and (either 'N' or numpad 6) skip to next episode. This script works only on 'Vidstream' and 'MyCloud' source videos, but not on 'Streamtape' for the moment, Mp4upload only partially works due to 9anime's 'Auto-Next' feature not automatically working when reaching end of video. When reaching the end of an episode and credits start to play, one can press 'N' or 'numpad 6' and the next episode will automatically load.

9anime is actively working to make it difficult for userscripts to be made, they implemented anti-devtools (Chrome Developer Tools) code, so that opening devtools causes the video to automatically unload and all console.log messages to be erased. I've found a workaround, so the project can continue.

Current Features:
► auto-fullscreen
► skip forward 90s
► skip to next episode
      V - forward 90 seconds
      N - skip to next episode
Numpad0 - forward 90 seconds
Numpad6 - skip to next episode 

|-[----------| V/0 |----------------------------------------------------------------]-----|

You may visualize how an anime timeline works as above (will be more useful if features increase):
| - real start, [ - skip id intro, V/0 - skip opening titles, ] - end credits, | - real end

id intro = short company intro, at video start (if exists), around 10 seconds
opening titles = long animation/music sequence, at any time, around 90 seconds

Pressing [ V ] or [ numpad 0 ] skips forward 90 seconds:
I've found the modern industry standard for most anime show's opening titles is exactly 90 seconds, the time it starts playing often varies from episode to episode within the same series.
This is why pressing the hotkey as soon as the opening titles start is a perfect way to skip it, whenever it may appear.

Pressing [ N ] or [ numpad 6 ] skips to next episode:
This hotkey jumps the player to the end of the current video, so that 9anime's native feature, which automatically loads the next episode upon reaching the end of the current episode, will be activated.

► The video player should have focus for hotkeys to work (script does auto-focus the player when it first auto-fullscreen's). If the video player does not have focus, regular 9anime hotkeys will probably work instead.

► If you don't want auto-fullscreen, comment out this line:
// openFullscreen(elem);