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Khan Academy YouTube Playback Rate Enforcer

Remembers the playback rate you set on Khan Academy's YouTube player and enforces it across lessons

Jeff Schofield
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Khan Academy YouTube Playback Rate Enforcer


This script enforces a playback rate for the YouTube player on Khan Academy.

When you change the playback rate at any point the Enforcer remembers. Then it watches for any YouTube players that appear and automatically sets them to the remembered playback rate.

Spend less time adjusting settings and more time learning.


Khan Academy is an amazing resource for child AND adult learners. You can easily spend hours watching lesson after lesson on a subject you didn't know was so fascinating. A beautiful part of the platform is that it empowers the learner to set their own pace, something I have always desired in an academic setting.

After spending the last year getting familiar with the platform, I discovered the most consistent irritation was that the YouTube player would reset my playback rate every time I loaded a new video. This mild annoyance runs counter to the ideal of setting my own pace. Effort to understand a subject gets interrupted every 5-15 minutes by a brief traversal through the YouTube menus to restore the preferred playback rate after a new lesson has loaded.

I could not find any fix for this, so here is my attempt to remedy the problem. It is meant to deliver what I believe the default experience should be: the YouTube player "remembers" when you change the playback rate and keeps it that way until you change it again.