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Twitter - Clean 2019 Design (Now With Light Blue™)

It's same new Twitter, except much cleaner and little bit better.

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27 Desember 2019
31 Maret 2021
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It's same new Twitter, except much cleaner and little bit better. 🐦
(See the screenshots at the bottom)

  • Changes white background color to light blue (only enabled in white theme)
  • Removes annoying elements such as trends, promoted tweets, "who to follow" boxes etc.
    • And more with recommended uBlock filterlist!
  • Other really minor tweaks / style changes.

Userstyle is also available at Github, and ( support ended in 2020-11-30).


This userstyle can't remove everything because limitations of current CSS and complexity of layout.
So I also made uBlock filterlist that removes even more elements, that are harder to do otherwise.

Click here to see the filterlist

This userstyle and filterlist works ONLY with default english language (I'm not adding support for other languages). Works best with white theme, but other themes are partially supported for element blocks.

Recommended userscripts

Totally optional, but makes Twitter so much better again.

  • I like latest tweets ! - Always changes to "latest tweets" in the home timeline
    • Latest Tweets - Same idea, but doesn't work as well (technically script made by me)
  • Twitter Direct - Removes URL tracking
  • MoreTweetsBuster - Redirects to actual twitter thread from "more tweets" layout when clicking Twitter link outside of Twitter (works 90% of the time)


  • 2021-03-31: Revue promo blocked at tweet compose modal, margin fixes for "X Retweeted / Liked" etc. text
  • 2021-03-26: More line-height fixes for links
  • 2021-03-25: Small spacing tweaks for "X Retweeted / Liked" etc. text
  • 2021-03-24: Line-height fix for links in the tweets
  • 2021-03-02: Another batch of small fixes, like "icon next to 'X Retweeted / Liked' text" fix, added "Recommended userscripts" section to README
  • [See full changelog]
  • 2019-07-28 #1: Initial release