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Automagic Jigidi Solver

Fastest way of solving Jigidi puzzles

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29 September 2021
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Automagic Jigidi Solver


Louhikoru wrote this code. As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a coffee in return.
Also, you might consider following me on for any comments and/or questions you might have and if you'd like you can send me a donation at any time to support the development.

How to use

This userscript has been tested with Chrome, Edge and Firefox. You can use Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey userscript manager. It is reported to work better with Firefox and Violentmonkey. To fix issues with Tampermonkey, goto settings page. Change config mode to Advanced, then in Experimental section change Inject Mode to Instant. Note: Script does not work with Greasemonkey!!

Userscript uses the latest HTML5 version of Jigidi UI. Example
If script is successfully injected to Jigidi UI after the puzzle has loaded, you should see heart button left of plus button. You can toggle the automatic solving by pressing the button. Use the example puzzle and the screenshots below to verify that you are using the new UI. Solver will NOT WORK with Flash UI.

Jigidi is under constant development so in future this version of userscript stops working and needs an update. Userscript will detect the change and tells you to try update. If update is not available at the time, be patience! If the problem persists, something is broken. You can always uninstall all old versions and install the latest version. Try to clear the browser cache!

The completion message can be copied to clipboard before you close the completion message box. If copy operation fails, alert is displayed. Maximum size puzzle with 600 pieces takes about 5 seconds.


In case you have any problems with the userscript, here are some points to look at:

  1. Have you installed Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey? Do you see its icon in upper right corner? If not, you need to install one. Direct links are given above.
  2. Is the userscript manager chosen enabled and/or does it say that it is allowed to work? Look at the upper right corner of your browser.
  3. Have you installed the userscript? Go to the example puzzle page, use the given link above. Do you see number one on top of the userscript manager icon in upper right corner of your browser? If not, you need to install the script. If the number is greater than one, you need to remove/uninstall old versions.
  4. If you go to Jigidi puzzle page do you see the new UI? Look and compare with the screenshots included below to make sure you have the correct one.
  5. If you see an error message, do as it says.
  6. If you have problem with new style links, for example edit it to
  7. Finally look at the feedback section if others are having the same problem.


This userscript is tested and works also with Android devices. As there are so many types and versions, installation difficulty varies from easy to extremely difficult; your mileage may vary. You need to use Firefox, and you have to have version 68.11.0 or older. Newer versions won't work, because you cannot install Tampermonkey plugin. If you have (very) old device, you maybe lucky and get old version of Firefox from Google Play Store, which won't receive any updates. If you have version 68.11.0 or older, you just need Tampermonkey plugin and this userscript.

NOTE: BE AWARE OF THE RISKS! You have to download and install older version from 3rd party server, and you have to disable automatic updates for Firefox. If you choose to take the risk then remove Firefox and use Google to find Firefox 68.11.0 APK. There are four architectures to choose from. Most likely your device has armeabi-v7a or arm64-v8a architecture. Use Google to find which architecture is correct for your device. Or try arm64-v8a first and if installation fails try armeabi-v7a next. You may also have to alter the security settings to allow installation from untrusted source. Some devices may give you the option to bypass security warning. Again Google for instructions. If you succeed with installation, next you have to disable Firefox from updating. Go to Google Play Store App, My Apps, Firefox and uncheck the ‘Auto-update‘ option. Now you can install Tampermonkey plugin and finally this userscript.

Happy jigiding!