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Pixiv Arts Preview & Followed Atrists Coloring

Enlarged preview of arts and manga on mouse hovering on most pages. Click on image preview to open original art in new tab, or MMB-click to open art illustration page, Alt+LMB-click to to add art to bookmarks, Ctrl+LMB-click for saving originals of artworks. The names of the authors you are already subscribed to are highlighted with green. Settings can be changed in proper menu.

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#PixivPreview GitHub ©NightLancerX

Script is written for better site usability.

• Showing enlarged preview of artworks and manga on mouse hovering* on most site pages.
• Highlighting names of users from your "Followed" list.
• Opening source of artwork in new tab in one click (LMB).
- MMB-click on preview opens corresponding artwork page.
• Instantly save the original art by clicking Ctrl+LMB on the art preview.
• Quick add to bookmarks by clicking ALT+LMB on the art preview.
- Repeat ALT-LMB combination again for quick unfavoriting/opening bookmark tags edition page.

Settings menu is available by the clicking on "Related services" icon in right top corner of site page. Settings are saved and immediately applied after menu is closed by the clicking on any other space.


false : showing preview on mouseover (default)
true : showing preview after LMB-click

0 : no delay before preview (default)
1000 : 1 second delay (2000 for 2 seconds, etc)

0 : automatically calculate preview size (1200 or 600) depending of current screen size (default)
600 : up to 600px x 600px
1200 : up to 1200px x 1200px

false : quicker, but less accurate in some cases (default)
true : takes 1sec before preview showing for more accurate positioning

false : keeping page scrolling after end of manga preview scrolling (default)
true : disable page scrolling when viewing manga preview (move mouse out of preview to re-enable scrolling)

true : preview of single image will smoothly fit to vertical screen border after one scroll (default)
false : manually scrolling (may need in case of forced 1200px vertical preview with small user screen)

false: standard behavior (default)
true : disable page scrolling when viewing single preview (works only if previous setting set to `true`)

Supported pages:

  New illustrations
  Daily rankings
  Artwork page
  Pixiv member pages
  Bookmarked artworks
  Bookmark information
  Main page

Works best with "Endless Pixiv Pages" (automatically loading of the next page without reloading current page).

If you find some bugs/problems with this script, you can write about it here on feedback page, or on GitHub "Issues" page.