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Kissanime Bingewatcher+

Automatically plays video in fullscreen, resumes playback, auto-advances to next episode on finish, customizable skip intro and end credits

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19 November 2019
14 Juni 2020
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Kissanime BingeWatcher+ (since is gone, recommend for the time being
Tested on Chrome & Tampermonkey, (Firefox / ViolentMonkey incompatible) // KissAnime-Deepdark (screenshot) style I highly recommend
08/15/20 :: I should be getting a new computer soon, after which I intend to update my scripts based on the latest news.

v1.75 :: 06/13/20: alright, my computer died and Kissanime added anti-DevTools blocking, but I finally got this update out
i) important 'fix' of inconsistent 'clear' hotkeys - I finally settled on using hotkeys ' and ; to clear the custom start/end markers (from previously using ' shift + [ ' and ' shift + ] ').
ii) removes video player poster that used to block the view in normal mode,
iii) 720p Playback - until a week ago, the Hydrax servers (which Bingewatcher+ uses to avoid captcha) were limited to 360p quality, however it appears since then that some videos now have a 720p option:
To test for 720p, the user needs to manually click a player button - a simple way is to click on the 'Play' button to pause/unpause the video, a cog icon menu item should then appear on the player bar (to the left of the 'fullscreen' button) - in there you should be able to choose the quality, like 360p (or 720p if available with newer videos)... once selected the choice will be saved for the other episodes in the series.

for testing, this has a 720p option for me:
no 720p option:

On a sidenote, it seems 9anime (related to my 9anime Bingewatcher+) has been going through some changes with their design and hosts, so until I have time to make an update, I have gone back to using Kissanime Bingewatcher+ which works well for me.

v1.70 :: 02/23/20
included, added a 10 second cue of audio beeps before auto-advancing to the next episode - this is intended to give the user time to see if there's extra content before end credits - if so, users can cancel custom 'auto-advancing' as always using (clear end) ' ; '

If Hydrax Server is Down:
If hydrax/playhydrax isn't working on, then one may want to switch to using with 9anime Bingewatcher+
Kissanime Bingewatcher+ uses the Hydrax server by default, but sometimes it goes offline or acts flaky.

Kissanime Bingewatcher+
Automatically plays video in fullscreen, resumes playback, auto-advances to next episode on finish, customizable skip intro and end credits

After searching for scripts and addons with the features I wanted, I found that all of them were obsolete or broken (technically, it's because the Kissanime player API changed and CAPTCHA). So, I wrote this script to have Kissanime work the way I wanted while being compatible with the current version of the site.

Default Features:
► autoplays
► fullscreen
► resumes playback
► rewind/forward, next episode hotkeys
► auto-advances to next episode when the video ends
N - next episode
K - rewind 90 seconds
L - forward 90 seconds
. - stored time settings

Customize keys: 
        [ - marks start 
        ] - marks end 
        ; - clears start 
        ' - clears end 
        \ - clear start & end markers

|-[----------| L |----------------------------------------------------------------]-----|

If using custom start/end, you may visualize how it works like above:
| - real start, [ - skip id intro, L - skip opening titles, ] - skip end credits, | - real end

id intro = short company intro, at video start (if exists), around 10 seconds
opening titles = long animation/music sequence, at any time, around 90 seconds

Pressing [ L ] skips forward 90 seconds:
I've found the modern industry standard for most anime show's opening titles is exactly 90 seconds, the time it starts playing often varies from episode to episode within the same series.
This is why pressing [ L ] as soon as the opening titles start is a perfect way to skip it, whenever it may appear.

How to Use Custom Start:
Pause the video at the end of the id intro (if there is one), then press ' [ '. Pressing ' shift + [ ' will clear the start marker.
The video time will be saved and all episodes in this series will now automatically start playing after the intro.

How to Use Custom End:
Pause the video at the end of the episode content, where the end credits begin, then press ' ] '. Pressing ' shift + ] ' will clear the end marker.
The video time will be saved and all episodes in this series will now automatically advance to the next episode before the end credits.

► Pressing [ \ ] will clear both start & end markers
► Pressing [ . ] will show a notification with 'start time' & 'end time' stored time settings

►You can use [ ; ] & [ ' ] hotkeys (rewind/forward 1 second) and left & right arrow keys (rewind/forward 5s) to help move the player to the time you want to set custom start & end times.
minor note - if you paused and marked an end with ' ] ', unpausing at that time will automatically advance to the next episode.

►Sometimes anime episodes will randomly have extra content over the end credits - so, if you want to give yourself time to check for that, when marking a custom end you may want to include a bit of the end credits, then if needed you can press ' shift + ] ' to clear the end mark and watch them.

User Notes:
► Due to newer browser security, a user must interact with a page before fullscreen will work.
This means that for the first time opening a video page, you should click anywhere empty on the page while the video loads. Afterwards, all other episodes in the session will automatically play in fullscreen.

Alternatively, just click anywhere empty on the page and reload, all pages should autofullscreen from then on.

► The video player should have focus for hotkeys to work (script does auto-focus the player when it first auto-fullscreen's).

► If you don't want auto-fullscreen, comment out this line:
// openFullscreen(elem);

also uses the following, if unwanted, comment out this line:
// eval(GM_getResourceText("anticaptcha"));
    MIT LICENSE Copyright 2019 eskander | [KissAnime] Complete captcha removal
    Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files 
    (the 'Software'), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, 
    merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished
    to do so, subject to the following conditions:
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