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Flood helper for

Add indicator to replied thread, with auto reply feature

Ini adalah versi dari skrip ini yang kodenya telah diperbarui. Tampilkan semua versi.

  • v1.1 - replace an emoji, no version change
  • v1.1 - update emoji and blacklist
  • v1.0 - fix logic of getting post id, and remove unused variables
  • v0.9 - refine logic, and remove seldom-used feature (flood text)
  • v0.8 - fixed a bug in unreplied threads calculation
  • v0.7 - minor fix
  • v0.7 - logic refinement, and added a beep sound when auto-reply is completed
  • v0.6 - minor improvements
  • v0.5 - Add background color to unrepiled threads in auto-flood mode
  • v0.4 - add switch for easier change of auto flood method (icons/texts)
  • v0.3
  • v0.1