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Pandora music replay and download

Gives pandora music replay and download function!

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Posted: 28 September 2017
Edited: 28 September 2017
How do you download?

All I see are a bunch of unlabeled, non-working audio players going down the right side of the page. I don't see where any download buttons are located. Screenshot attached.
Fei SunAuthor
Posted: 28 September 2017
Right click on the audio players to show download menu.The first audio player doesn't work,it's a bug,i'll fix it later.
Posted: 01 Oktober 2017
I don't think this is the right method or script for me. Too much troubles.

I have to explain how to use this to someone that's rather impatient, isn't all that bright, and is easily frustrated.

He will never be able to handle all of this. First he'd have to guess which player is the correct one, then right click and dig through a menu for the correct option to save the file, then type out the artist & song name because the file name is completely messed up, then have to convert the file to another format for it to be usable in his MP3 player.

I'll stick with having him grab stuff off youtube with an add-on. It's much less hassles and much easier to explain to button, select MP3, save file (already has correct file name), drag to MP3 player (it's already the correct format) and he's are done.
Posted: 07 Desember 2017
top kek - talk about an ingrate... April is so funny...
Posted: 15 Desember 2017
Ingrate? Excuse me, but you must have no idea what it's like to deal with elderly luddites.

Perhaps this script would be the bee's knees...for someone else. But not for this guy. This one can't even use Google by himself. It took me almost a week to get him to the point where he can find the songs he wants on Youtube, by himself.

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