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Mark and hide fanfics or authors

Andy Scull
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Script for,,
Based on chrome's extenson by Stefan Hayden

Originally script was written with specific use in mind but you can use it to just hide whatever or whoever you want.
Personally, I download ALL fics from some fandom into Calibre library with help of FanFicFare plugin, then hide those fics on webpage. Using different colored categories is just an eye-candy. So, in the end I get pretty empty pages with new fics clearly visible (sort by update date). Then in my local Calibre library I can read fics, add notes and bookmarks, rate them, delete etc. Bonus is that fic stays available when author decides to delete it from fanfic site.

Warning: Fics aren't hidden on author pages (for ex. you can have 'hide Liked' enabled and those fics will still be visible on author's page). This is deliberate to see how many of author's fics I like and dislike. If I dislike 90% of his fics - then maybe it's time to clear dislikes on fics and just dislike the author instead to hide everything from him.

Just a list what you can do with this script:
1. mark each fanfic as Like/Dislike/Mark/InLibrary.
- highlighted with colors
- can hide each of these categories
Like/Dislike is obvious, Mark is for those fanfics I decide to lay off for later, InLibrary is for fanfics I downloaded to my computer
2. Mark authors as Liked/Disliked (to hide specific authors who write only things I dislike)
3. Left/Right arrow keys navigate next/prev page in lists or when reading (disabled by default, enable this in options).

Colors can be changed by adding a second GM script running after this one.
Uncomment styles in example below and replace color values. You can even add styles for multiple categories, for example style selector for liked-author + liked-story would be ".ffn_like_fic.ffn_like_author:not(a)"
// ==UserScript==
// @name FanFictionNavigator - colors
// @namespace window
// @include*
// @include*
// @include*
// @include*
// @include*
// @run-at document-end

// @grant GM_addStyle
// ==/UserScript==

// styles for box background; fic style should overwrite author style
//GM_addStyle(".ffn_like_author:not(a) {background-color:#C4FFCA !important;}");
//GM_addStyle(".ffn_dislike_author:not(a) {background-color:#bC5050 !important;}");
//GM_addStyle(".ffn_like_fic:not(a) {background-color:#C4FFCA !important;}");
//GM_addStyle(".ffn_dislike_fic:not(a) {background-color:#FCB0B0 !important;}");
//GM_addStyle(".ffn_mark:not(a) {background-color:#CCCCCC !important;}");
//GM_addStyle(".ffn_inlibrary:not(a) {background-color:#F1D173 !important;}");

And these are things I cannot add to script (I am not a web programmer):
1. Config page
2. Dynamic hide/show without page reload
3. online storage or google/other sync