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UROverview Plus (URO+)

Adds a whole bunch of features to WME, which someday I may get around to documenting properly...

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Waze Map Editor (WME) extension, providing a variety of new and extended features:
  • UR, map problem and camera markers can be filtered according to an ever increasing list of parameters
  • UR, map problem and camera markers can display pop-up information boxes when the mouse pointer hovers over them, providing much of the information that would otherwise only be available by clicking on the marker
  • UR markers can be augmented to show the number of comments for that UR
  • Cameras can be added to a watchlist, allowing the map to be easily relocated to their positions as well as providing automated comparison of their stored properties (speed, alignment etc) against their present properties
  • The Drives tab can be enhanced to list more drives on each page, and to indicate which drives still have their route history available
  • The WME background can be reverted to its original white colour
  • And more...
As of version 3.0, the functionality provided by my earlier standalone DrivesTabEnhancer (DTE) and Select Roundabout Segments (SRS) scripts is now integrated into URO+. Please uninstall these scripts if already installed.

Recent Version History:

3.184 (20200810)
All users: Hopefully removed a WME performance dependency from the closure cloning code...

3.183 (20200809)
All users: Restored closure cloning and delete all closures functions, again... MP popup shows start & end times if available.

3.182 (20200607)
All users: Auto-apply for cloned closures is now a user-selectable option (via Misc tab). Delete Closures button is now visible when there's only a single closure to delete.

3.181 (20200605)
All users: Restored closure cloning and delete all closures functions.

3.180 (20200522)
Beta users: Compatibility update...

Older release notes removed due to limits on how much text can be included here...