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WME OpenData

Provides access to certain OS OpenData products within the WME environment

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Waze Map Editor (WME) extension providing context-sensitive access to road/area name data extracted from the OS OpenData products. Also provides geo-referenced links to the OS, Musical Chairs and mapping sites, which can be set to automatically update as the user pans/zooms within WME.

Please note that at present, OS OpenData only covers England, Scotland and Wales.


3.10 (20200913)
All users: integration now works again. Gazetteer data is now derived from current Open Names dataset.

3.06 (20200723)
All users: Stops UI window width reducing as the window gets dragged off the RHS of the screen. Polyline enhancement highlight now indicates whether road names are present using the same magenta/cyan colouring as for the bounding boxes.
Removed Musical Chairs link as the site seems to be MIA. OpenRoads now re-renders if the map is zoomed by clicking on the zoom controls. Restored ability to clear a segment name by applying the "Un-named segment" result

3.05 (20200711)
All users: When resizing the UI to keep it all onscreen, now avoids overlapping the WME menu/toolbar.

3.04 (20200710)
All users: Open Roads renderer performance increased by around 3.5x

3.03 (20200707)
All users: Open Roads polyline renderer now uses dashed lines for tunnel segments. Renderer no longer misses out segments/bounding boxes in certain locations around the edge of the screen. Renderer performance increased by around 30%

3.02 (20200705)
All users: Enabling NameCheck no longer clears the road name matches. OpenRoads layer now remains visible during map pans, and also when dragging nodes on existing segments.

3.01 (20200704)
All users: User preferences handling updated to support the new options/UI state selections. UI rendering now prevents window from being pushed off the top of the WME window. All sections of the UI can now be individually expanded/collapsed to save space when not being used. OpenRoads highlighting now allows the use of bounding boxes instead of polylines, and provides an option to enhance the visibility of polylines when underneath the WME road layer. Rendering of lower classification roads is now only made available to L3+ editors to reduce the risk of newbies going on a mad mapping spree... Rendering is now inhibited as expected when the main UI is minimised and the WME view then changes.

3.00 (20200701)
All users: fixes a long-standing bug when applying an alt-name to a segment without a city, and provides an option to render the OS road geometries underneath the WME segments for comparison.

2.60 (20200605)
All users: compatibility update (OL->OpenLayers).

2.59 (20200417)
All users: enabled deeplinks on site.

2.58 (20200408)
All users: Fix for the user level detection code.

2.57 (20200222)
All users: Any HTML-encoded characters returned from the server are now decoded before being applied in WME

2.56 (20200211)
All users: Change to UTF8 encoding for streetname data

2.55 (20200209)
All users: Fixes for altname handling.

2.54 (20191120)
All users: Update for the last WME compatibility update...

2.53 (20191120)
All users: WME compatibility update...

2.52 (20190925)
All users: WME compatibility update.

2.51 (20190923)
All users: Updated to work with the new URL for what was formerly

2.50 (20190823)
All users: Now correctly sets/clears city name when adding an alternate name, and clears any existing altnames when applying new name data.

2.49 (20190801)
All users: Added further segment information. Accuracy of segment matching to name data is improved. Namecheck now takes bilingual names into account (segments will be considered correctly named if their primary name matches either of the names in the OS data).

2.48 (20190730)
All users: Reduced number of 404 errors when searching for OS data in areas where none exists. Provides additional information (road type/classification/PRN & TRN membership) for the highlighted segment. Sets alternate name for a segment when the OS data contains bilingual names (user chooses which way round they're allocated to the segment).

2.47 (20190723)
All users: Removed lint errors introduced due to having created 2.46 from a pre-release version of the 2.45 source...

2.46 (20190723)
All users: Compatibility update for latest WME release...

2.45 (20190523)
All users: Added button to site to enable opening a new or relocating an existing WME tab at the currently viewed map position.

2.44 (20190518)
All users: setTimeout/setInterval tweaks for latest Chrome/Tampermonkey update

2.43 (20190319)
All users: Selecting a suggested name for the highlighted segment now highlights *all* other segments present in the currently loaded OS data with matching street and area names, rather than just ones with overlapping bounding boxes. Reinstated link to the OS map viewer...

2.42 (20190116)
All users: Fixes a problem which was causing inconsistent road name search results near the boundaries of the 1KM OS grid squares.

2.41 (20181020)
All users: First release using streetname/bounding box data derived from the new OS Open Names/Open Roads datasets.

2.40 (20180430)
All users: Compatibility update for latest WME release.

2.39 (20180412)
All users: Compatibility update for new selectionManager API.

2.38 (20180327)
All users: Fix for streetname suggestions not being shown when NameCheck is enabled and the same segment is reselected. Fix for NameCheck not testing newly visible segments after a pan or zoom.

2.37 (20180226)
All users: Removed references to deprecated WME objects.

2.36 (20171029)
All users: Namecheck performance and accuracy improvements. Compatibility fix for latest WME UI tweaks.

2.35 (20170928)
All users: UI no longer hides if layers menu is pinned open.

Beta users: Compatibility fixes.

2.34 (20170824)
All users: Added link to Wiltshire Streetworks site.

2.33 (20170722)
All users: Fix for an intermittent startup error. Correctly handles road names ending in "Mews".

2.32 (20170325)
Beta users: Compatibility fix

2.31 (20170221)
Beta users: Compatibility fix

2.30 (20160913)
All users: Compatibility fix for latest WME release...

2.29 (20160712)
Beta users: Re-enabled on new URL...

2.28 (20160628)
All users: Fix for recent change in OpenData map URL...

2.27 (20160620)
All users: Uses May 2016 OS Locator and June 2016 Gazetteer datasets.

2.26 (20160616)
All users: Correctly handles switching into MTE mode.

2.25 (20160417)
All users: Added link to London Roadworks Register site.

2.24 (20160417)
All users: Fixes the latest attempt from the OS to clutter up their map page again...

2.23 (20160407)
All users: No longer tries to initialise itself if an editor profile page is opened in Chrome.

2.22 (20160227)
All users: Removed link to Canary Islands mapping site. Added link to Reduced longitude offset between WME and external sites.

2.21 (20160208)
All users: "Apply/Copy to Properties" button now works again. "Use name from map" drop-down remembers previously selected city name again.

Beta users: additional fix for y-offset error.

2.20 (20160206)
Now works in Firefox 44. Fixed y-offset error in streetname matches caused by recent tweaks to WME UI. Fix for latest layout tweaks on OS Opendata map viewing site.

2.19 (20151227)
Hides its own UI whenever one of the native drop-down menus is opened.

2.18 (20151222)
Compatibility update for latest version of the OS OpenData Viewer site.

2.17 (20151117)
Compatibility updates for new WME. Uses correct abbreviation for "Saint" regardless of where it appears in a road name, and also in city names.

2.16 (20150507)
Uses the May 2015 Locator dataset

2.15 (20150416)
Compatibility fix for latest WME release.

2.14 (20150320)
No longer trashes the County field when updating segment details in Chrome.

2.13 (20150316)
Compatibility fix for latest WME Beta.

2.12 (20141118)
Uses the November 2014 Locator dataset.

2.11 (20141016)
Compatibility fixes for current version of WME. Reduced locator data tile size to 1km x 1km and increased frequency of cache flushes to minimise memory usage. All streetname lookup activity is now disabled when the WMEOD UI is minimised.

2.10 (20141012)
INTERIM RELEASE: Compatibility update for latest version of the OS OpenData Viewer site. WME-side functionality remains broken...

2.9 (20140723)
PRN highlighting now automatically refreshes as data is loaded from remote server. PRN and bounding box overlays now move in sync with WME layers as the map is panned.

2.8 (20140717)
Provides Primary Road Network (PRN) highlighting using PRN geometry data extracted from VectorMap District dataset.

2.7 (20140701)
Link to OS OpenData mapping site now works again. Bounding box is now visible if satellite imagery layer is switched on and user has changed the WME locale.

2.6 (20140629)
Cached locator data blocks now expire 10 minutes after they are last accessed - for editors who move around the UK map a lot during a single edit session, this should help minimise the memory used by their browser. Homepage link now points to Greasyfork or Chrome Web Store according to the browser type.

2.5 (20140607)
Uses the June 2014 Gazetteer dataset.

2.4 (20140601)
Uses the May 2014 Locator dataset, and sets lat/lon correctly on Canaries mapping site again... First release on GreasyFork

2.3 (20140201)
Compatibility fix for latest WME Beta.

2.2 (20140111)
Compatibility fix for latest production WME.

2.1 (20140106)
Compatibility fixes for latest WME Beta, and UI styling/layout fixes for both beta and production WME.

2.0 (20131224)
Integrates CMT and ODFH helper scripts, sets correct lat/lon on Canaries mapping site again, fixes data access error when editing outside the UK.

1.39 (20131110)
Uses November 2013 OS Locator and June 2013 Gazetteer datasets.

1.38 (20131026)
UI now remembers its minimised/maximised state across sessions.

1.37 (20131009)
Fixes for new-style WME URLs. Reduced script startup time. Corrected zoom parameter in Livemap link.

1.36 (20130914)
Adds auto-tracking support for the Canary Islands mapping site ( - requires installation of CMT support script). Disables area-specific parts of the UI when WME is outside of those areas.

1.35 (20130820)
Bounding box highlight now visible on top of satellite imagery layer in new production WME.

1.34 (20130716)
Support for latest WME beta. No longer mis-abbreviates street names of the form "Something LooksLikeAStreetNameSuffix Way" (e.g. Wibble Green Way no longer gets changed to Wibble Gn Way...)

1.33.1 (20130529)
Prefixed all function and globvar names to avoid name collisions with other scripts...

1.33 (20130522)
Fix for wazeifyStreetName() function, allowing it to correctly abbreviate street names like "High Road Somewhere", which would previously have been left untouched.

1.32 (20130520)
Fix for placename uniqueness test.

1.31 (20130513)
Uses May 2013 OS Locator dataset.

1.30 (20130503)
Fixed "undefined" locality bug in Chrome. Increased accuracy of NameCheck results.

1.29 (20130503)
NameCheck highlighting corrected in areas of the map where the streetnames are defined in more than one block of OS data. WME segment highlights no longer cleared when NameCheck is deactivated.

1.28 (20130502)
NameCheck subjected to several days of in-depth performance analysis in Firefox and Chrome. The results of this work should be fairly obvious to anyone who's used NameCheck in the past, especially in densely populated areas (e.g. central London)...

1.27 (20130427)
Fix for incorrect "Place name is not in OS data" gazetteer search results.

1.26 (20130410)
NameCheck no longer continues to highlight segments that have been correctly renamed but not yet saved.

1.25 (20130409)
Compatibility update for new public and beta versions of WME. All roman numerals found in OS Locator data should now be case-correct...

1.24 (20130403)
NameCheck now ignores ramps, and handles (N)/(S)/etc direction suffixes. Auto-selection of OS placename now works if the previously used name was the extra city entry added to the drop-down list. No longer case-incorrects "IV" and "VI" roman numerals in street names...

1.23 (20130403)
NameCheck no longer causes deadlock during lengthy save operations.

1.22 (20130402)
Added option (NameCheck) to highlight all potentially incorrect names.

1.21 (20130330)
Fixed auto-selection of OS placename if a county suffix is present.

1.20 (20130327)
Improved speed of gazetteer searches for place names containing - characters. Fixed "question mark in a black diamond" issue with certain accented characters.

1.19 (20130326)
Improved accuracy of bounding box positions.

1.18 (20130320)
Fixes issue with OS Gazetteer place names that contain the - character. No longer silently changes the selected Gazetteer place name if the previously selected name drops out of the list...

1.17 (20130221)
Radio button labels can now be clicked to select the associated radio button (thanks to Timbones for the suggestion). Works with latest WME beta.

1.16 (20130130)
Disables the Copy/Apply to Properties button if no segments are selected, or if any of the selected segments are locked by a higher level editor. "Place name is..." status text is now updated when the name source is changed via the radio button. Fixes a bug in the duplicate city name test, which could prevent the streetname bounding box from being rendered when a streetname was selected, until the map was panned/zoomed forcing a box redraw.

1.15.1 (20130123)
Vertical scrollbar no longer appears briefly during WME page reloads.

1.15 (20130123)
Adds drop-down list showing the 10 closest place names (or 11 if the top 10 doesn't include a city, but a city is present in the unlisted results) from the Gazetteer data within a 5km radius of the selected segment. Bounding box highlight is now disabled when the UI is minimised.

1.14 (20130121)
Checks city names against OS Gazetteer data. Enabled operation on the new beta WME URL.

1.13 (20130117)
Fixes issue with & being inserted as & amp ; when using an existing city name.

1.12 (20121210)
Maintains city name selection in drop-down list if the previously selected name is still present after a list refresh. Now applies the same 1km rule to continued use of a city name selected from the drop-down list as is used for the manually-entered name.

1.11 (20121209)
Adds drop-down list allowing city name selection from the names already defined in the current WME view. If a new segment is selected and the same street name is present in the search results as was applied to the last edited segment, this name will be pre-selected for use with this new segment. Added sanity-checking for saved window location to prevent it being rendered completely off-screen when WME was reloaded. Removed errant bit of debug code preventing script from running in latest WME beta.

1.10 (20121205)
Allows dragging to continue if mouse pointer moves outside the dragbar during a drag. Bumps window position up the screen when maximising if the maximised window wouldn't completely fit onto the screen at its current position. Saves window position between editing sessions.

1.9 (20121204)
Fixes tab focus issue in Chrome when auto-tracking is enabled. Added mimimise/maximise control to dragbar allowing window to be folded up for storage...

1.8 (20121202)
Script interface is now presented in a draggable window. Will now perform a new lookup if user normal-clicks on a segment (i.e. not a ctrl-click to add the segment to the existing selection)

1.7 (20121116)
Permalink now copied into links area, retaining the original in the lower-right corner. Highlights adjacent results with the same streetname as the selected result. Auto-selects the "Use new name" radio button when typing in the name field. Uses the November 2012 OS Locator dataset.

1.6 (20121114)
Fixed the "scrollbar-bounce" problem in Chrome. OS results now show the ward/locality for each street. Moved the permalink into the links area on the left of the map window. Street names starting "St " are now converted to "St. ".

1.5.3 (20121105)
Fixed Musical Chairs auto-tracking

1.5.2 (20121105)
Fixed for new public and beta WME versions

1.5.1 (20121105)
Results popup can now be reopened correctly after a copy/apply operation

1.5 (20121105)
Links to OpenData and Musical Chairs sites now visible in new WME beta. Replaced mouseover event with a [show] link to open results list.

1.4 (20121104)
Streetname matching uses a new sorting method, increasing the probability that the first name in the list is the correct one...

1.3 (20121101)
As an early Chrimbo present to myself I've obtained a SSL certificate for my server, which means the OS data can now be served up from a https: link, preventing Chrome from complaining about how hideously insecure WME had become with the script installed... Also fixes the upper/lowercase issue with Welsh streetnames containing -y- and -yr-

1.2.1 (20121014)
Locator results popup behaviour now uses a hybrid of the auto and manually controlled schemes, to avoid the odd situations where the minimise and maximise functions got into a loop... Popup now maximises on mouseover, but will only minimise either by clicking the [hide] link or by clicking the Copy to/Apply to button.

1.2 (20121014)
Moved Copy to Properties button to top of UI after realising this was where my mouse pointer was more often than not at the point I wanted to click the button... For editors at AM level or above, the button has been renamed to Apply to Properties, as clicking the Apply button manually is no longer required.

1.1 (20121013)
Locator results box is now minimised by default in the non-beta WME as well, due to the new Colour Highlights script requiring more space for its own UI... In both beta and non-beta versions, the results box now pops-up on mouseover, rather than via the hide/show links in v1.0

1.0 (20121012)
Fixed minor bug that prevented a newly entered city name being copied into the segment properties the first time the Copy to Properties button was clicked. Added support for the beta version of WME

0.9.4 (20121004)
increased transparency of bounding box, to improve appearance with latest version of WME Colour Highlights and to make aerial layer easier to see through the box

0.9.3 (20120922)
street name abbreviations tweak, improved city name selection

0.9.2 (20120917)
removed Cartouche link

0.9.1 (20120910)
street name formatting tweak

0.9 (20120818)
supports OS Locator data lookup, improves integration with WME

0.8 (20120717)
proof of concept development version, not released

0.7 (20120713)
improved accuracy of lat/lon to OS gridref conversion

0.6 (20120707)
supports swapped lat/lon ordering in permalink URL

0.5 (20120629)
adds support for* WME URL

0.4 (20120628)
initial public release on