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[TS] Generic Image Viewer

A more Powerful Image Viewer with info panel support for Pixiv, deviantArt, imgur, Seiga Nico and Support numpad keys now.

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02 April 2016
11 April 2017
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Generic image viewer that allows hotkey resize options on images displayed in browser.

This script is designed to work in conjunction with:

  • Pixiv++
  • Pixiv Manga Viewer
  • Linx Amender rules (as of 2015-12):
    • Pixiv Direct External Links
    • Pixiv Link Cleaner + Same Tab
    • Pixiv Visible Visted Links
    • Pixiv: Click Close on promotion offer
    • Pixiv: Illustration Readjust
    • Pixiv: Personal Bookmark Recommendations BGC
    • Pixiv: Remove Blurred effect from thumbnails
    • Pixiv: Ugoira Convert to APNG
    • Pixiv: Ugoira Convert to GIF
    • Pixiv: Ugoira Convert to WebM
    • Pixiv: Ugoira Convert to XNG

Information panel is supported on,,,, and Youtube (Youtube Filter). The panel may have links to Artist Gallery Page, User/Artist Page and Illustration Page.

Supports Image Search Engines: IQDB, SauceNAO, ImgOps, Google and TinyEye

Hotkeys (from 2.2.43): There are two sets of keys now. One using character keys the second using are numpad keys:

  [A], [Num 1] => Auto-Height
  [S], [Num 2] => Auto-Width
  [Z], [Num 3] => Auto-Stretch
  [X], [Num 0] => Enlarge/Shrink to Client Area
  [Q], [Num .] => Reset Size

  [D], [Num 4] => Rotate Left
  [W], [Num 5] => Reset rotation transformation 
  [F], [Num 6] => Rotate Right  

  [X], [Num 7] => Mirror Horizontally
  [E], [Num 8] => Reset mirror transformation 
  [C], [Num 9] => Mirror Vertically

  [T], [Num *] => Change colour scheme (down)
  [R], [Num /] => Change colour scheme (up)

Screenshots Version 2

Screenshots Version 1