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KissNotify - Kissanime Release Notifier

Get a browser notification based on anime titles you pick and when the site updates the latest episodes of them.

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06 Desember 2015
17 Desember 2015
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Grr, ok the script stopped working because the stupid online service I was using ( decided to shutdown. It took a lot of effort to make it work with them, I figured once it was set up the stability would be worth it... now I have to fix a lot of stuff...


Get browser notifications based on the anime titles you pick and when the site updates the latest episodes of them.
(See screenshot)

note 02/03/16 - I'm not sure, but this script may have stopped working, although it could just be my Chromium (not Chrome) browser.


1. Click the 'KissNotify' menu button
2. Enter as many anime titles as you want to be tracked (comma separated, case insensitive, partial titles also work)
example: Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, Sword Art Online
3. Update 2.0 (Optional) Users can visit their Kissanime Bookmark List page and a new button called 'KissNotify Grab Bookmarks' will appear in the menu, clicking this will automatically load all titles from their account. (You may also want to edit these titles to take advantage of *fuzzy* search --see More Info)

That's it, your search entries will be tracked and should persist indefinitely through normal browsing and browser restarts

You will get a notification in your browser when Kissanime adds a new episode to their 'Latest Update' page that matches one of your tracked titles.
After notification, the new episode title will appear in the menu as a button, under 'Kissanime Notifier', for as long as the episode is listed on Kissanime's 'Latest Update' page (usually a couple of hours)

More Info

- screenshot note: you don't have to be on Kissanime's site, script works while on any webpage
- click on the notification to open the episode in a new tab page
- click the menu entry, when it appears, to open the episode in a new page
- the script searches for your anime titles every 15 minutes
- since *fuzzy* partial matches work, it means if we use for example 'Sword Art Online', that even though Sword Art Online S01&02 are completed, when Season 3 or any related anime that contains this search title comes out, it will also trigger notifications.

More More Info

- the script is event-driven, when you open a webpage a tiny part of it runs in comparing two lines of code, i.e. the current time and whether 15 minutes have passed since the last code run. The script has lowest-priority (@run-at document-idle) and only runs the full code check once every 15 minutes
- this script was written as an experiment to see if a userscript could be coded that used nodeJS to do something it otherwise wouldn't be able without it.


What about Kissanime's Bookmark system? It's unreliable. I've read several forum posts stating that it works at sending an email once or twice, but then fails from then on. If there's enough demand, I could probably modify this script to also add email notifications.