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Disable artificial selections

Tries to prevent script-initiated selection tweaks.

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Posted: 31 Oktober 2015

Disable artificial selections : How to make a multi ctrl selection always possible ?

Since a long time i search a way to use this type of copy..
I hope your script could do that but ...

By example with the link you provide:
If there was a Firefox extension that simply disabled 100% of the ability to control or influence the selection
It's not possible to select :
" myfonj 29 days ago
Thanks for pointing out, good catch! Fixed in userscript, also updated it a bit. Not able to fix it here. Seems like quite frequent mistype BTW :"

and at the same time any other part of text.

Can you help ?

Posted: 02 November 2015

I cannot reproduce such misbehavior. Do you really start your selection _outside_ the link, ie _before_ my nickname? (You can select text in a link while holding ALT in Firefox.)

Have you checked whether some invisible layer isn't obscuring the text? (I suppose you have some userstyle for HN)(btw I use Georgify dark and in Chrome it does weird things with selection offset: I must sometimes select text slightly ABOVE the place it is displayed. But it is OK in Fx.)

Do you have some browser plugin remapping native selection to Range manipulation? (You should see that in console as warning after 'failed' selection.)

Posted: 03 November 2015
Edited: 03 November 2015

i think i see this problem on any type of profile of firefox i have and different computers...
But the problem don't happens on all type of sites .

On this post i can make multi-selction without problem
but , by example, the previous site, it's not possible (...for me).

I join a gif to show what's happen when:
i select an area
press CTRL
try to select an other part

Posted: 03 November 2015

Ah, you mean real multiple text selections. Hm, I think it is completely unrelated to this certain userscript: what you describe seems like a conflict between table cells selection handling a and multiple text selection because it uses same shortcut.
Found reported as
Couldnʼt be this your issue?

Posted: 03 November 2015
Edited: 03 November 2015

Thanks for your help!

Yes, if i correctly understand the English , it seems an "old" problem relative to multi selection and table cell....

And it seems not to have a solution ?

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