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WME Closure Sheet Segéd

Lezárási táblázatok kitöltését egyszerűsítő segéd

Ezek a szkript azon változatai, ahol a kód módosítva lett. Minden verzió mutatása

  • v1.04 2017.08.15. Changed @include lines
  • v1.03 2016.08.06. Compatibility with new beta WME URI
  • v1.02 2016.05.23. Icon appeared cut out with the new version of WME
  • v1.01 2016.01.11. Low zoom alert (suggested by carloslaso)
  • v1.0 2016.01.11. Added node IDs to the last column, improved handling of no-name segments.
  • v0.31 2015.05.27. Small changes in button positioning to be more compatible with the Toolbox
  • v0.30 2015.05.26. No change, except the version number
  • v0.3 2015.05.26. Cmd+click instead of ctrl+click is now available on macs, provided compatibility to WME Maximized addon
  • v0.21 2015.05.26. Toolbar icon position adjustment
  • v0.2 2015.05.26. Handling no-name streets better, new toolbar icon (by marcedli), adding city names to the lines by default (Ctrl+click to reach previous functionality), WME beta support
  • v0.1 2015.05.25.