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Avis: Bon - le script fonctionne correctement

Posté le: 15/05/2015

mamsl means what?

I like this script a lot after a couple of days use - it does things that should already do and it does them well so far. Please can someone enlighten me on what mamsl means though, it's driving me nuts...thanks!

Posté le: 15/05/2015

Since it was my feature request please let me answer your question.
It simply means "meters above main sea level" :-)
But the abbreviation was not my suggestion ;-)
Team koia

Posté le: 15/05/2015
Édité le: 15/05/2015

sorry! "metres above mean sea level" :-))

In Sweden we have a quite common and more readable abbreviation. I understand and agree that mamsl isn't understandable by most (including me before this). There has been a patch submitted that will make it easier to understand, but we have not yet released it. Waiting for some more improvements first.

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