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TW Gold Jobs Finder (More Languages)

Shows a list of all silver and gold jobs!

Tom Robert
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Use it at your own risk!
Gold/silver scripts are forbidden on most worlds.
Especially on NET worlds.
GERMAN: Auch auf deutschen Welten ist das Script nicht erlaubt.


!!The only supported version of "TW Gold Jobs Finder"!!
Updated version of TW Gold Jobs Finder officially made by Macabre2077.

This script adds a button on the right side, where you can load all the silver and gold jobs.
So they can be easily found on the map.

You can also export the jobs as a code, which other people can import with help of the clothcalc script.
Like this you and your friends can see all the gold and silver jobs on the mini map.
Alternatively you can just post the BB-code of the jobs in your town forum.

Supported languages:
Russian (русский)
Italian (italiano)
Hungarian (Magyar)
Romanian (român)
Polish (polski)
Czech (čeština)
Spanish (español)
German (Deutsch)
French (français)
Portuguese (português)
Dutch (Nederlands)
Greek (ελληνικά)



My version is the Original Version + Czech, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Greek support. Additionally the update function is fixed and there are many other little improvements!

Older versions can be found here:
Original version re-uploaded by Polish translator Vebuus
Original version + Czech added uploaded by Martin Kováčik
Original version + Spanish added uploaded by Spanish translator pepe100
My version re-uploaded by ouriel95


Firefox Chrome Microsoft Edge Safari Opera Smartphones & Tablets
  • Create a new bookmark in your mobile browser
  • Edit the bookmark and copy this to its address field:
  • Now open the game and click the bookmark to start the script