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Posté le: 08/05/2022

Is there a way to see what scripts are currently on the blacklist (without having to manually look inside the script code)?

It'd be useful if there was a way to show the blacklist in page, perhaps within the Greasyfork+ config panel. That way we could see what sites/filters are currently set, and allow us to remove or add more directly/manually.

Posté le: 08/05/2022

Is there a way to see what scripts are currently on the blacklist?

Do you mean my blacklist or the list of scripts blocked by the user?

My blacklist is currently a "non-opinionable" list that blocks all scripts with emoji in the title/description, references to "bots", "cheats" and some online game sites that, in my opinion, clog the search results of Greasy Fork. It is possible or not to use this my personal list.

At the moment it's possible for the user to hide single unwanted scripts... but I could in a next update add the possibility to use a personal blacklist, and show the list of single blocked scripts.

Posté le: 19/05/2022

Hi, I have just released version 2.0 of the script, in which there is a complete rewrite of blacklists management and application.

Now in the settings you can:

  • activate pre-provided blacklists
  • create a personal blacklists of unwanted words to filter [new]
  • see and edit the list of individual hidden scripts [new]

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