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Basic gmail gbar

Changes the Basic Gmail bar to 2012 Gmail

Voici toutes les versions de ce script. Voir uniquement les versions où le code a été modifié.

  • v0.7.1 20/12/2021

    Bump version up to 0.7.1, add license.
    Added emails to account dropdown.
    Added settings link correctly.
    Account switching fixed with "Add account" redirecting to HTML gmail instead of

  • v0.6 20/12/2021
  • v0.6 06/11/2021

    Added/fixed (depending on how you see it) gbar dropdowns.
    Relocated "Normal Gmail" to the settings icon.

  • v0.5 04/11/2021

    The script is now split into two , one with the "Normal Gmail" button and one without it.
    Added more button
    Fixed emails not showing

  • v0.4 02/11/2021

    Finally fixed showing the Email of the user on the bar itself. I'll also add a "use normal button" soon.

  • v0.3 02/11/2021

    Changed CSS link

  • v0.2 09/07/2021