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ProutexMacro v6 Return

I'm sorry, but I won't update this macro! I'm going to create a cheat and post it on GreasyFork soon!

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Need to know::

I made it so that the AHK functions can be used at will!!! So if you don't need it, just don't turn it on!


  • 1. Added AutoSpawn
    You will appear automatically after death!
  • 2. To put a Turret or other. Press - ( H )
  • 3. In the menu, you can now create a clan! And also delete it!
  • 4. After entering the game, you will automatically write Im user ProutexMacro! I'm sorry about this, but I want it to be like this!

Already there::

Added WebSocket!
All switch elements are moved to the menu!
Added AutoHotKey! You can enable it in the menu!
Key - ( N ) = x1 Mill
Key - ( V ) = x1 Spike
Key - ( F ) = x1 Trap
Key - ( Q ) = Heal!
All buildings have x3 cps!
Big Map. Key - (Home) its Beta!!! (Click a second time to close!)
To open the menu, click on the text (ProutexMacro)! To close it, click on any place on your screen except the menu!
Remove all hats and accessories. Press - ( B )
The page will automatically reload when it crashes.
Big Store.
The store has become much bigger!
Pro Map.
The map shows all the biomes!
Show your cps.
Shows your CPS when clicked!
key-[ J ] Responsible for the function switch!
When you turn it on, an inscription will appear in the upper-left corner!
When you are enabled, you can click the left or right mouse button!
And they will wear hats! <=[ Left ] responsible for: BullHelmet+SpikeGear+TurretGear+SoldierHelmet=>
<=[ Right ] responsible for: SamuraiArmor+TankGear+SoldierHelmet=>
I changed the color of the health bars! Now they are semi-transparent!
Made the soldier-Q switch now you need to click on [ H ] to turn it on!
Now you can hide the leaderboard on [ K ] . When you press the [ K ] button again, the leaderboard will appear again!
When you press [ Y ], there will be a BullTick!
Bulltick is when a bull helmet hat appears, and when it hits you, your shame counter resets after taking 5 points of damage!
Start Resource.
key-[ Up-Arrow ] Automatically sends a request to the very first clan in the list;
key-[ Q ] SoldierHelmet+XWings; --- (There will be a switch in v3! Since this is not always necessary!)
key-[ R ] BullHelmet+BloodWings;
key-[ T ] SoldierHelmet+XWings;
key-[ Z ] TankGear+BlackWings;
key-[ Shift ] Booster+Tail;